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About the authors

Aaron Roller

Aaron Roller is the ideator and the first committer of Dimensions. He built the core of the framework, i.e. the device recognizer and the "ChannelFactorySet" that delivers different Tiles definitions to different devices.

He is a co-founder of MotionBased Technologies, a community focused GPS fitness log where athletes analyze, map, store and share their outdoor activities. Dimensions was created when building the foundation of MotionBased. It was needed to quickly and easily render the appropriate content for the calling device. Dimensions is still being used to run our web application at He has been developing Java software for about 8 years now. In the past he has worked as a technical consultant and a software developer for Raytheon building Tomahawk missle mission distribution applications.

Antonio Petrelli

Antonio Petrelli (nicknamed "brenmcguire" for his favourite Commodore 64 game) joined Dimensions in 2005. He changed Dimensions into a configurable framework, in particular he built the support for user-device pairs.

Antonio Petrelli is graduated in Computer Engineering at University of Lecce (Italy). He worked for a year as a co-worker at the same university and his job involved multi-channel and multi-user web application generation and prototyping. Now he is a freelance developer for an important Italian software firm.