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The original example made by Aaron Roller has been converted to Dimensions 0.6 version. Now you can explore the device capabilities of Dimensions. Download Page


Dimensions 0.6.2 released. It is a maintenance release to prepare the path for the migration to Standalone Tiles. See Changes for details.


Dimensions 0.6.1 released. It is a maintenance release for the previous version. See Changes for details.


Dimensions extends the Tiles Document Assembly Framework of Struts 1.1/1.2 to become a multi-channel display framework capable of delivering customized content to virtually any device, any user role or other criteria in any format.


Dimensions is a framework that allows to build Struts-based applications that adapt their aspect depending on various criteria, without modifying the business logic or writing strange JSP code.

In particular:

  • It is able to recognize the calling device of the web application and displays different page aspects depending on the recognized device, using different Tiles definitions files (i.e. "tiles-defs.xml").
  • It can deliver different page aspects depending on user-device pairs, so that every kind on user on every kind of device will see a different page. By using a simple XML configuration file, you can easily cross all your web application user roles with all device supported, in the needed depth (not always you want to deliver different content to different PC browsers).
  • It is extensible, so you can write your own decision criteria and write your own way to inherit the different Tiles definitions files.